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Monday, December 28, 2009

My fedora hat, my hipee hair, and CHRISTMAS in Texas, 2009 part 1

I have a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree in my studio apartment in L.A.! Actually, I leave it up all year long, and there is a poster next to it that reads, "Everyday is Christmas!" I've had this tree up, in all it's plastic glory, for over seven years! So, Christmas, per- se, in McAllen is just another day; however, the precious golden moments spent with family and friends, here in Texas, are a treasure chest that I cherish, relish, and I hold dear to my heart. I've been in town since the 23rd of December, and here is a very brief re-cap.
My parent's, who hadn't seen me in a year, said I looked taller. I think it was the hat:) Furthermore, my mom, bless her heart, said I still looked handsome, yay! She loved my fedora, my dad, not so much. He said I looked like a cholo! Oh, my mom did mention to me, she had an appointment with the optomotrist the next day, argg!

I've played two gigs so far, SIMON SEZ, and MOONBEAMS! Both have been fun and fantastic! People at these gigs have given me two thumbs up on my fedora hat, my hipee hair, and my music, too!!

In terms of people I've seen, NOT in a musical setting, i.e. Bar's, Class reunion, dining out,...they've said I look, "homeless!" Haha
I LOVE my life!! xoxo, jd

part 2 coming soon:) Pic is at Denny's in Mcallen on Nolana at 3:20 a.m.:)


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