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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Orson's Last Dance and my lovely encounters with, Jeff Conaway!

Jeff, starring in ORSON'S LAST DANCE, would have been the encore to Mickey Rourke - a storybook comeback! Heaven ain't a bad alternative my lovely, friend.
When I first met Jeff, he no longer had the world class dance chops of Kenickie on Grease. When I first met Jeff, he was a few decades distant from the hip, cool, and slick character from the hit t.v. series, Taxi; but, what he possessed trumped all of the above, KINDNESS, SPIRITUALITY and, LIFE EXPERIENCE. This was MY experience with Jeff. His deep baby blues were in the moment, honest and REAL. He was very knowledgeable in many areas of life-religion, philosophy, and especially the craft of ACTING! He shared with me how he had been acting his whole life and how he had met and studied under legendary instructor, Stella Adler. Case and point, the above film, he starred in my first ever feature film, PAN DULCE. He plays the Angel Gabriel Levine, a role with no dialogue, which is what really intrigued him!

Everybody knew Jeff from Andy Warhol to John Travolta! And, somehow he was not phased by his incredible journey, but only interested in the moment, the next indicated thing. He was a work horse when it came to the script, as he was VERY invested in the entire process.He starred in my second film, FROM BEHIND the SUNFLOWER, this role with MUCH dialogue:) He re-wrote lines on my script, in which I was only honored to have him transform something half-baked into, HIGH ART! Every take, in terms of body movement and continuity, was the same- very professional! However, I will forever be struck with the profound honesty and sincerity in those steely gentle blue eyes! The camera does not lie. Therefore, I new in my heart of hearts, no one else in the world could play the role of Orson, a person with down's syndrome who wants to make a movie and take it to Sundance, more honestly than Jeff. Thank you my friend for believing in me, as I believed in you - I always held hope! The heavens are imitating art from here on earth, as you are NOW a REAL Angel! I am grateful to have met you and to have been blessed by your kindness and love. I will never forget you, and "love you, bro!" I love my life, jd


Anonymous Glenda Salinas said...

You were so fortunate to have worked with him.

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