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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dynamic Duo!

So, Tuesday's shoot consisted of Fernando Luis, camera operator, Asst. Director, for part of the day then Kent Burk for the other half, and me, Actor, Director, Director of Photography etc.

Wednesday's shoot was just Fernando and I.

We worked efficently as heck as we knocked 17 scenes in two days!! We were at my friend Letty's house, as we used one of her bedroom's to cheat as my character, Dante's apartment. As a matter of fact, we used all the different rooms in her house to cheat as the charcters' apartments throughout the film.

When writing your indie flick, I can't stress the beauty of writing minimal charcters and minimal locations!

I have a few scenes yet to go, But I think I'm starting the editing phase this evening!


Blogger Alicia Ramirez said...

wow 17 scenes in two days. i have to handed to you your a pro

5:39 PM  

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