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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

CUATRO VELAS / FOUR CANDLES.....the fourth and last candle has been lit:)

Here is the finale to my latest web novella. To truly appreciate the last episode, you may want to visit one, two, and three. Just scroll down from this post. This final episode is the shortest, but I really think it gives closure this short series. This entire novella was truly a labor of love, and I wish to thank all the actors and crew, who without them, this project would not have been possible! Jeremy Martinez - Asst. Director, Tobi Sackhiem- producer The cast: Ana Paola Villalobos, Katelynn Tilley, Louie Olivos, jr. Mario Valdez-Juarez, Preston Jude Lesure, Annette Lesure, and Mario Ramirez! I love my life!! xoxo, jd


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