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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wisdom and ALL HIS WISDOM ...episode: Love Daddy of the Grateful dead!

I shot this one and the last episode in one night on July 1, 2009! I think it was about 12 pages in all, and we shot the two episodes in about 10 hours. It was just me and the amazing Jeremy Martinez who served as my 1st Assistant Director! Also, much kuddos and love to Craig and Tobi Sackheim, the phenomenal brother and sister team that has founded www.theirmusic.com They are the Angels that let us use their recording studio at all hours of the night! Here is brief description of this episode. In this episode Love Daddy, (Bill Best) founder of the Grateful Dead invites Wisdom, (Rick Rosner) to play with the "Dead" on their summer tour! However, the Grateful Dead's lifestyles and regiment have dramatically changed by Love Daddy since Jerry Garcia's passing. Tune in to this comedic fictitious adventure and find out. Also starring in this episode is the Wisdom's long time top dog agent and producer, Lorenzo Levine, (Jay D. Schwartz), sound engineer, Uncle Craigy, (Mario Ramirez), and Wisdom's new girlfriend, Lola, the stunning (Alison Jane). I love my life!! xo, jd


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