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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

FOR NO ONE episode 5 of my new Novela/Webisode series.

"For No One," a webisode novella, was just a concept I had been brewing in my head for quite a while. Filmmaking is action oriented! Intent without action is just fantasy, so I acted upon my intent and created this novella. This was created more of an exercise to prep for my next feature film; instead, I stumbled upon a very creative way not only to flex movie making muscle, but a very viable approach to sharing your craft with the world. It is an approach I intend to continue, until I can't continue any more:) I LOVE my life!! xoxo, jd

Sunday, March 15, 2009

*Mata Movies* available for purchase:)

Just scroll down and to the left, you will find the paypal buttons for 3 of my 6 films that are available to buy, today. The other 3 are on their way very, soon! ....I LOVE my Life.... J.D.
PAN DULCE.....90 minutes

FROM BEHIND the SUNFLOWER......80 minutes

THE DIVORCE CEREMONY......81 minutes

Friday, March 13, 2009

SELF PORTRAIT....artistic choice, or just vanity!.... satire, or serious!

I'm a filmmaker with a passion and desire to photograph. There are a few problems with that pursuit. First, I don't own a camera. Ironically, I own a motion picture camera, but not one for stills. Secondly, like the artist who fancies self portraits, FRIEDA, I enjoy self portraits in terms of photography. Is this artistic choice or vanity. Oh, the pic below is of me just returning from a run. I know, it looks like I'm wearing a night gown or something. heehee NO! It's a sweater covering my "daisy duke," running shorts! Maybe, I should lose this photo....

I offer this brief theory, and I will let you decide. Because, I don't own a camera, I use "Photo Booth" on my mac book. The built in camera eye piece looks right at you, winks at you then invites, entices, and dares you to take a photo of yourself, really! Then it's off to the iphoto application and all it's wonder to customize your photo!

Another plausible theory is that I am very spontaneous when it comes to my creative ambitions and I love facial expressions and the contours of the human physique. Who is gonna want to come to a photo shoot where the camera is a laptop! I know of only one person available 24/7, ME!

That's all I got folks, Yay! So, you make the call. However, one thing is for sure, I LOVE my life! xoxo, jd

Thursday, March 12, 2009

FOR NO ONE episode 4 of my new Novela/Webisode series.

My approach toward filmaking has always been to create feature films. The process, although not rocket science, is brutally laborious and a test of ones stamina and ability to start and finish a marathon of a task. Therefore, short films have never been an option, until recently. I'm not saying there is no merit in making a short film. On the contrary, a short film is probably just as, or more difficult to make because you have such limited time to tell your story. Therefore, on that basis, I choose to shoot features primarily, until I came up with this project.

The approach was two fold. First, These novellas for the web, for all intensive purposes, are a series of short films. I chose this approach to simulate being an actual production company cranking out a t.v. series. "I am Mata Brothers!" haha Secondly, I will be shooting another feature film this spring, and I thought this would be an innovative way to workout the metaphorical filmaking muscles!

I hope you enjoy ep.4 I really this my best episode to date. This version is my second cut. I chose to re-cut the first scene by dramatically cutting it at least 2 minutes shorter. This was suggested to me by up and coming filmmaker Tobi Sackheim. After seeing the the first version, she told me this was my best episode yet, but it could really be outstanding if I stretched a little bit more creatively on the first scene, and that is what I did. Always stay teachable, always stay teachable!! I LOVE my life! xoxo, jd

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Betrayal, a perspective....... by j.d. mata

Betrayal is like a sledgehammer crushing the very core of your soul.

It comes unexpected with a fury that takes you down to the depths of the dark hallows.

And, the dreaded angst that follows is only relieved by short episodes of sleep.

Then you know there is a Heaven and a Hell.

The truth is if I may be so bold, that the more it hurts,

the more you are guilty of launching this metaphorical grenade of fatal blood puncturing steel.

That is the way of the universe, and there is no other way.

An oxymoron of joyful penance now trumps perpetual torment in the eternal unrest.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

FOR NO ONE episode 3 my new Novela/Webisode series.

This is what appears on the YouTube page describing my novellas.

ART HOUSE style web novella written and directed by J.D. MATA...... TWO married couples FOUR different lifestyles. There is no right or wrong, but there are consequences. Lust, fear, heartbreak, and nirvana metaphorically visit our four friends in this episode. This series stars, ALLA GREENE, JENNIFER MARKS, GEORGE CASTELLS, and J.D. MATA.

Creating this webisode "Novella" has brought me extreme joy, anxiety, satisfaction, pain, love, hate, energy, fatigue, and that's just the tip of the iceberg:) I've always said filmaking is not rocket science, but it is a craft that kidnaps your life. So, if you love making films, in which I do, I'm being held hostage and not against my will! I believe this is known as the Stockholm syndrome, and this context, it is good! I LOVE my life! xoxo, jd

My next feature film, my seventh, ORSON'S LAST DANCE, is officially in pre-production!