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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Summer of the SUNFLOWER!

This is a clip from my second film FROM BEHIND the SUNFLOWER...... I'm close to finalizing an Internet Distribution Deal for this film! I will keep you posted! Yay...I love my LIFE!... luv,jd
P.S. I'm still working diligently on the FINAL draft of my next film THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE!

Friday, July 27, 2007

THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE "Gossip!" FugueFilmSecrets

As many of you all know, I'm currently in pre-production on my next film, THE TEACHER"S LOUNGE! This is the first"Gossip" post! This is where I share all my crafty little secrets into the making of a full length feature Fugue Film! Furthermore, all the "Caliente," gossip as I interact with all the people involved. haha! I write this script about two years ago as I was working on my fourth film, THE ELEVENTH STATION. I've made five full length features. This is my little secret: Always be TWO scripts AHEAD of the game; furthermore, ALWAYS be writing a NEW script as you are working on a film. For Example, As I was shooting "The 11h station," I was writing "The Teacher's Lounge;" so, by the end of shooting "The 11th Station," I had two scripts ready to go, "Mexican American Psycho," which is the last film I shot, and "The Teacher's Lounge!" At this point I've finished a script, CHRISTMAS ORPHANS, and I'm working on LOSE the DOG! See how it works!!! In terms of gossip, nothing really CALIENTE to report, YET!! Stay tuned for another installment, soon! I lOVE my life!... luv,jd
P.S. If this post seems a bit convoluted or incoherent, WELCOME to the world of FUGUE FILMMAKING! heehee.....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hung out w/ YOGI BEAR at Bob's Big Boy in Hollywood!

The VOICE of YOGI BEAR, and the Founder and Director of the Animation Archive in Hollywood, is my great friend STEVE WORTH! Last night, along with cartoonist Mathew Berg, we hung out at Bob's Big Boy in Hollywood. Unfortunately, we were not able to solve all the world's problems; however, we did sit at the BOOTH where the BEATLES sat during their visit to Bob's when they played the Hollywood Bowl in the mid-60's! YAY!!!! And, I have the photos to prove it! Steve played the role of Paparazzi last night and snapped some photos, as Matt created a caricature of "Yours truly." I love my life...jd
p.s. get your tickets for the GUNS show, BABY! ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Muzic + filmz = ???

Last night I had the most amazing HIGH playing muzic at Monty's Steak House, and it's 6:28 a.m. and I'm at my office, Jeniffer's Coffee House, ENRAPTURED, working on the script for my next filmz, THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE! Why the Z's in "Muzic," and "Filmz,?" Simply put, I haven't been to bed, yet; therefore, Muzic + Filmz = Lack of Z's! This doesn't make sense. Well what do you expect, I'm sleep deprived! At any rate, with the exception of my college dayz, I've never worked so diligently; therefore, I think I'm exactly where I need to be! I love my Life, and my bed, too! love, jd

Monday, July 23, 2007

The STRONGend not the WEAKend! :)

I had a really STRONG weekend. For starters, I got all my jogs in, and I played Saturday night at ERNIES RESTARAUNT to a really good crowd. One of the fringe benefits of performing at a Mexican Restaurant is the FREE food. Food always taste better when it's FREE! heehee Anyway, I had my usual Huevo con Chorizo which translates into Mexican Sausage and egg! YUUUUMMM! This so good then you factor in FREE, YUUUUUUMMM! Sunday, I played at church in which I received communion, FREE! I guess that makes the blessing especially STRONG! Yay GOD!! Then I played a surprise birthday party for a very "Surprised" and grateful 76 year old man. He was beaming with joy as his wife, children, and friends took turns sharing on how he had positively impacted their lives! It made my heart smile:) Then a friend of his said,"You've just heard your EULOGY!" I love my life!
P.S. The video is a trailer to a film I made with APOLLONIA KOTERO of "Purple Rain," fame. And, tonight I play at CAFE AMSTERDAM in North Hollywood from 7-10.

Friday, July 20, 2007

This FUGUE Filmmaker honored his CIVIC DUTY, barely:)

Well, all week I was on "Call" for Jury Duty which required me to call in to determine If I was to report for service at the L.A. Superior Court for the next day. Honestly, I can't say I was to dissappointed that my civic bravado wasn't required on Monday thru Thurs! Then Thursady night I picked up the phone for one LAST dial into my cherished American responsibilty! AND, sure enough, the Superior Court needed my superior services! Well, Okay, they needed an average citizen with a valid California Driver's licence, whom was registered to vote, and had no felonies. Hey! Stop, that! I know what your thinking!..."I DON'T have a FELONY! heehee.... In any event, it was my pleasure to share my astute judgement in the arena of the penal system. Long story, short, this GIANT of a potential juror, sat in a room for eight hours then was released from servitude! YAY! Until next year.... haha! I love my COUNTRY, and my LIFE!!! love, jd
P.S. The Pic is from the making of my fourth film THE 11th STATION You see my back as I operate camera. Also in the pic John my assistant, and JESSIE GARCIA the lead actor in the film. Jesse recently played the lead in the SUNDANCE AWARD WINNING film QUINCENERA!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

NUNS, and a Life long HABIT!

Tonight, I have Choir practice. When I was eleven, I was just learning the guitar, and the Nuns at the Catholic Church we attended, miraculously, caught wind of the fact that, I was a budding Choir Director in the making, and recruited me into their Choir! I was terrified, but how do you say NO to Nuns! I've been involved in the Catholic Music Ministry ever since! Furthermore, the last five years, I've been employed as the Choir Director of the Spanish Choir at St.Charles Church in North Hollywood. It is this Ministry that has allowed me to SURVIVE in L.A., and has allowed me to pursue my passion in filmmaking and music! I'm forever grateful for the NUNS at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in McAllen Texas back in 1976 for having the foresight to pick me for a life long GIG! I love NUNS and my LIFE!...love, jd

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The full "MONTY'S!"

Last night I played at MONTY'S STEAK HOUSE to a FULL house. However, Monday night, I performed at Cafe Amsterdam then Universal Bar and Grill, for all intensive purposes, to an EMPTY room! I LOVE it! You see, in my feeble brain, I just love to perform! The same concept and approach applies to my filmmaking; whereas, I haven't "Landed" a distribution deal, but I love making films! Not to sound to freaky, even though I am ;) I do aspire to sell my films, and I would LOVE to perform to "Mucho" people; but, nobody starts at the TOP! I really am enjoying my hike through life. Sometimes I "Camp" at places with lots of people and campfires, and horseback riding, marshmallow roasts, and beautiful landscapes...Well you get the idea :) Then other times the campsite is solitary, desolate, and trashy; but, there is BEAUTY in that, too! I love my Life! love, jd

Monday, July 16, 2007

"My Cheatin' Heart!"

I'm really close to the finished draft in terms of THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE! I escaped JURY DUTY for today. I'll have to call after 5:00p to see if I have to appear tomorrow, and boy do I have my fingers crossed! The reality is that it may a be a hassle, but it is my civic duty as "Corny" as it may sound! Tonight, I have a "Double-Hitter." I play Cafe Amsterdam at 7:00 then Universal Bar and Grill at 11:30. I really LOVE playing music, and I'm so grateful for the "Gift" to do it! Music is my "First-Love" then filmmaking. However, when I start shooting THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE, filmmaking will be my "FIRST-LOVE!" Why do all of a sudden, I feel like I'm cheating on my wife or something! Geez, I'm not even married, so don't go judging me BUDDY! You don't even know, BROTHA! For your information, quite candidly, I love music and filmmaking EQUALLY! So there, are you HAPPY! heehee..I love my LIFE! ...jd

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My MUSIC gigs for the summer!

I've got to pay for my films; therefore, I'm really loading up on gigs this summer! The locations, times, and directions can be found underneath the profile section on this page. Thank you, Steve Worth, for taking the time to put my gigs on the blog! I'm also in process of recording new material, so I'll keep you posted on how that develops! Cool off, take a breather, and come see me perform the best of EVERYTHING this summer 2007!!!! I love my life...jd

Friday, July 13, 2007

"Back on the saddle, again!" &, I'm in 4 a bumpy ride!

Have you ever run a 5k, or gone on a treacherous hike, or just gone through anything brutal that nearly ripped your guts out then as time passed, you romanticized about how the experience was so "Wonderful and Amazing!" Welcome to the world of FUGUE FILMMAKING! The last five films I made not only ripped my GUTS out , but my SPLEEN, GALL BLADDER and LIVER were left in perfect tact, but the rest of my body was trampled by a herd of ravenous blood thirsty chiguaguas, followed by swarms of humming birds on heroin looking for their next "FIX," and fixing their needle nose barbs on my "BUM," as my....well you get the picture! Nevertheless, the last five films I made were such a "Wonderful, Amazing, and Magical," experience that, I'm "Back on the saddle, again!" Heehee.... I have spent all morning making the final revisions on my next feature flick, THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE, which I'm aiming to start principal photography in mid to late August. I wrote this film two years ago, but with all humility, I'm a better writer today; therefore, still more work!

I got my laptop back from the APPLE store earlier this week, so it's full speed ahead in terms of re-writes; however, next week, I'm obligated to perform my civic duty as I start jury duty! I'll keep you posted on that front! I love my life!!! jd