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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 days on the SET of Filming THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

The Teacher's Lounge is into it's 3rd day of shooting! First of all, here are the amazing cast members and their roles!
Cast List THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE Director: J.D. Mata Character Miss Riley Jayne Clement Character , Santos Mario Valdez-JuarezCharacter, Mrs. Potter Audrey Fiorini Character, Mrs. Neal Diane KirklandCharacter, Mr. Partida Mario Ramirez Character, Mr. Ebbie Paul Riley Character, MIss Valadez Erin BanksCharacter, Coach Mueller Jonathan E. ShultzCharacter, Mr. Rodriguez Marcus ProctorCharacter, Mrs. Chute Sandi SteinbergCharacter, Mrs. Cossey Mica Ray, Character. Mrs. Zeiglar Donna KozakCharacter, Mr. Mireles J.D. MataCharacter, Mrs. Tarankow Suzie JohnsonCharacter Actor Notes Miss. Cuevas Marci MarxCharacter, Mr. Gaston Brandon Scott

The first two days have been exhausting, exhilirating, and euphoric. For example, last night there was a scene where the Teachers are in the lounge for recess. It was the last setup of the night for me, and it involved setting up numerous lights. As I was setting up, the cast were doing a read through in the green room. Once I had lit the set, we blocked the scene and tryng to figure out where everyone goes was a bit hectic. **EXHAUSTING** We rehearsed then shot the scene. **EXHILIRATING** After the final take, the cast spontaneuosly broke intothe song, "A doe, a deer, a female deer....." Everyone danced, laughed, and frolicked!!! **EUPHORIA!** More to come from inside THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! love, me, J.D.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Teacher's Lounge EVE! action 2morrow night at 7:00 p.m.

I shoot tomorrow as Fugue filmmaking is alive and well! I wrote this script at least two years ago, and my baby is finally off to school, if you will! :) Since my last post, so much has happened. I've had actors drop like bar flys; however, I put up a casting call through L.A. Casting and I had several hundred responses! Now, I pride myself on casting people from the coffee shop, my office. If I see someone that fits the charcter, I will go right up and ask them to be in my movie. I stayed true to that for some of the characters, but this movie is a cast of thousands, and I decided to pull out a call. It worked like a charm, as I saw some amazing talent, and I actually cast my School Principle form that call! Jayne Clement landed the role. She is this amazing beautiful actor with SILVER SCREEN STAR quality. I feel nervous, nauseated, and nutty! I am a FUGUE FILMMAKER! Tomorrow is a Fugue Filmmakers CHRISTMAS. Welcome to the Warm Winter of my content. I love my Life, and I love film!!! Love, jd

Thursday, January 24, 2008

ThE TEACHER'S LOUNGE it's official CALL SHEET day 1

Here is the call sheet for day ONE, which shoots Monday Jan 28, 2008!!! YlKES! I still haven't cast all the parts, yet! Fugue Filmmaking is about NOT stressing or panicking! It's about ENJOYing the process! Hey baby, this L.A., there are thousands of actors to choose from, and I'm just waiting to be caught by the right ones! I love my life! love, jd

Friday, January 18, 2008

Commercial I'm in for the Internet ;) WHAT is BIDO?

I got cast in this commercial for the internet recently. It's pretty cool. See if you can guess which one I am! I love my LIFE! love jd

THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE Location locked in! teacher's not quite

Hi, Hola, fellow fugue filmmakers and followers of this journey down the path of the making of THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE! The location of the LOUNGE is a school in San Gabriel!!!! Yay! However, there is a scheduling conflict with one of the lead actors. I'm in a situation where do I re-cast, or do I shuffle parts and scheduling to make it work! There is no right or wrong. Just make it work no matter what! I'm reading the script over and over and still tweaking, as I will continue to do until the film is completely filmmed! That's just the reality. In real life, changes occur daily, fugue films follow that principle. I'm working on the the shooting schedule, props, craft service, Lights, tape stock, tripod, gels, gaffer tape, flags, and on and on!!!!! I love FUGUE FILMMAKING and my life!!!!! love, jd

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If you don't SEE it, IT didn't happen! Also, promo pic from Mex Amer Psycho!

I am paraphrasing one of Pope John Paul's famous quotes. He was a firm believer and advocate of publicity and media in terms of spreading the Gospel. Consequently, all his travels throughout the world, in his quest for LOVE and PEACE, were well documented, and thus he was able to impact the world like no other Spiritual leader in the history of mankind! So, you're wondering, "Where is J.D. going with this?" "Has he decided to quit filmmaking and become a Roman Catholic Priest!" ;) NO, although, when I was in the ninth grade, I proclaimed to my family, friends, and teacher's, that I did want to be a Catholic Priest! Ha, can you imagine Father J.D. Mata! Comment on your perceptions of me as a Priest! heehee! Anyway, meanwhile back at the blog-ranch, I write this post; because, today I had a meeting with an amazing Publicist Company. Not to go into to much detail, but I feel that the body of work I've produced needs to be put out there into the universe! If the world doesn't see it, it never happened! As you know, I start shooting my next film next week, and PUBLICITY is of the essence at so many levels. This post is brief in terms of the nuances, but I will clarify more as this really amazing approach begins to flourish! I love my LIFE! love, jd

This pic was shot as promotion for MEXICAN AMRICAN PSYCHO!! heehee

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Fugue films presents THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

Today, I find myself auditioning actors for the film. THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE is a feature length film I wrote, in which everything is discussed in the lounge except the education of the kids. This film could easily be called THE SNAKE PIT! Heehee. Most of the parts have been cast, but a few key roles still remain available. I'm stilll without a LOCATION to shoot this film, and Principal Photography is set to shoot on January 14, 2008. YES, less tha a week away!!!! I LOVE my LIFE!!!!! love, j.d.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to Home away from Home...L.A.

I sit here at the airport in Harlingen Texas reflecting on my trip home for the holidays. I must say in terms of the connection with the family, it was fantastic. At this time, the first flight of peeps are boarding the flight, which for me is an excuse to make this post short-kinda like my trip:) A month ago my dad was lighting up the house, as he does every year for the holidays, and he fell off the roof. Miraculously, he survived with a cracked vertebrae, a lot of bumps and bruises, and a vision as to how fast life can come and GO! This sums up my trip. It was come and GO! Back to Los Angeles in blink. He says he was standing on the roof, and in a blink of the eye, he was on the ground half conscience. New Years eve was spent with my siblings which was YIKES..... gotta board now, Back to making movies in L.A...... more later!! I LOVE MY LIFE....love, jd