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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Time to FACE the music!

Well hello kiddies. If you're wondering where I have been the last week, I decided to take a much needed "R&R" to Lake Tahoe. The first few days were fab as the mountains, snow, air, and starlit skies were amazing. However, on Thursday the itinerary led me to Squaw Valley for a fun filled Snow TireTubing event. It was great fun as you go barreling down a hill on an inner tube FACE first! This is where I FACE the MUSIC! On the last run, I fell off my tube and smashed the right side of my FACE into the snow. OUCH! It felt like I had been smacked by sledge hammer! The right side of my cheekbone was swollen and snow burned. I went to the medic, and his assessment was that my burns were superficial and would not leave any damage, and the swelling would subside with time. Lots of ice and Neosporine! Needless to say, I was still pretty freaked out by the whole event. And here is the Kicker, there is still a few more scenes I have to re-shoot for the film. THAT HURTS!!!! The major lesson learned besides the fact that I'm a total klutz, ("who get's hurt snow-tubing?)," Don't ever go on a holiday until your film is completely COMPLETE!!!! I will still shoot the scenes using WIDE shots and Medium shots from the side of my face that has no injuries. I took a photo on my phone a few hours after my debacle in the snow. I will post that soon! haha.. love, jd
P.S. I'm so grateful to be back, as It could have been so much worse...And, I kinda made a short film out of scenes from my last feature film THE 11th STATION which I entered into a contest, THE LOT. More on that later. Enjoy the short, J.J.'s FIELD TRIP!


Blogger Gemma said...

That all seems like a rather dramatic first visit but I don't think that Tahoe is supposed to be a harrowing experience. Who DOES get hurt snow-tubing anyway? I hope your face is okay.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Stephen Worth said...


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