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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Friday, September 07, 2007

EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it!!

I worked as an Extra on a film a couple of days ago. I'm in the process of shooting my sixth film. I've written, directed, edited, and starred in my five prior films; yet, I'm still willing to work as an EXTRA; hence, here lies the SECRET, in my humble opinion, to SUCCESS in the industry! I don't give a "Rat's Arse" if you're the Director, Security Guard, Producer, Star, or EXTRA, as long as, DAILY, you are IN the MIX, YOU are a SUCCESS! Success is in the SET, TODAY! Period! Today is all we have, and I lOVE MY LIFE!!!! Love, jd


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