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J.D. Mata is an actor, independent filmmaker, musician/ Choir Director, Piano Bar player, etc... He lives in Los Angeles. This is the place where he will reveal his "rebel without a crew" Robert Rodriguez inspired style of indie filmmaking secrets! And, just "A day in the life" stuff!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Prelude to a KISS...part 1 in a series of 4

Move in the DIRECTION of your fears, and stay out of the way of the results! FEAR saturated every inch of my skin as I approached this last weekend. Everything I had learned, in terms of filmmaking, Acting, and human behavior since moving here to Los Angeles, was utilized! Here is the "skinny!" Saturday night, I Videographed a wedding. Now, this task may appear at face value fun and minimal, THINK AGAIN! It's a monster of a task, which I can only compare to FUGUE FILMMAKING! see previous posts for the definition and description of fugue filmmaking:) Then on Sunday, I was booked as an Actor for a 14 hour still photography shoot! I played a 70's looking guy who kidnaps his ex-girlfriend for very sinister purposes! More on that amazing shoot later. But first, the wedding film shoot. It's not just picking up you camera and filming the wedding at church. The video shoot is FOUR FOLD! First, filming the Bride at her HOUSE as she gets ready and as the bridesmaids arrive to congregate for the limo drive to the ceremony! Secondly, the shooting of the actual CEREMONY, and thirdly, the RECEPTION. And finally, EDITING the hours of footage that were shot! Keep in mind, when filming weddings, there is no such thing as re-shoots or pick-up shots! It's not like when during the ceremony the Priest says, "You may kiss the bride," and a groomsman wanting to capture this magical moment sticks hishead IN frame thus blocking the shot! And I scream, "CUT! Lets do that again! The extra got in the way!" You get one shot, BABY! Try explaing to the bride that the most important moment of her life is forever shared on the screen with a big fat balding head! I think you get the point! more to come.....I LOVE my life!!!! love, jd
P.S. "Prelude to a Kiss" is what I'm naming the Wedding video....awww


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