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Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 days on the SET of Filming THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE

The Teacher's Lounge is into it's 3rd day of shooting! First of all, here are the amazing cast members and their roles!
Cast List THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE Director: J.D. Mata Character Miss Riley Jayne Clement Character , Santos Mario Valdez-JuarezCharacter, Mrs. Potter Audrey Fiorini Character, Mrs. Neal Diane KirklandCharacter, Mr. Partida Mario Ramirez Character, Mr. Ebbie Paul Riley Character, MIss Valadez Erin BanksCharacter, Coach Mueller Jonathan E. ShultzCharacter, Mr. Rodriguez Marcus ProctorCharacter, Mrs. Chute Sandi SteinbergCharacter, Mrs. Cossey Mica Ray, Character. Mrs. Zeiglar Donna KozakCharacter, Mr. Mireles J.D. MataCharacter, Mrs. Tarankow Suzie JohnsonCharacter Actor Notes Miss. Cuevas Marci MarxCharacter, Mr. Gaston Brandon Scott

The first two days have been exhausting, exhilirating, and euphoric. For example, last night there was a scene where the Teachers are in the lounge for recess. It was the last setup of the night for me, and it involved setting up numerous lights. As I was setting up, the cast were doing a read through in the green room. Once I had lit the set, we blocked the scene and tryng to figure out where everyone goes was a bit hectic. **EXHAUSTING** We rehearsed then shot the scene. **EXHILIRATING** After the final take, the cast spontaneuosly broke intothe song, "A doe, a deer, a female deer....." Everyone danced, laughed, and frolicked!!! **EUPHORIA!** More to come from inside THE TEACHER'S LOUNGE! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! love, me, J.D.


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Wishing you much more euphoria.


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