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Friday, December 21, 2007

Jeff Conaway, Entertainment Tonight, and J.D. Mata

I don't know if you've heard, but early next year Jeff Conaway, star of the motion cult film GREASE, and star of the famous sitcom, TAXI, will be on a reality show with other celebrities where the premise is GETTING SOBER. There seems to be a buzz that this show is really heartfelt and amazing. In the last several years, Jeff, has starred in two of my feature films, PAN DULCE and FROM BEHIND the SUNFLOWER; consequently, the entertainment show E.T. gave me a call, and I may be interviewed on their show to talk about directing JEFF CONAWAY! In my opinion, I think Jeff is a modern day Marlon Brando. If you look at the clip that I posted from my film, Sober or not Sober, Jeff is a genius actor! This what I told the producers of the show. I have nothing but praise for Jeff! I told them that if Jeff was to get Sober, I would cast him in every film I ever make! I've got my fingers crossed I get on the show! I LOVE my LIFE!!! Love, jd

Again, the clip is from my second film, FROM BEHIND the SUNFLOWER! starring Jeff Conaway, Madeleine Falk, and J.D. Mata xoxoxoxo


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